Online Workshops

Kylie uses her knowledge as a qualified transpersonal art therapist to take you on a journey to increase awareness of self, develop healthy and effective coping skills, helping to relieve stress and developing healthy strategies in dealing with life’s challenges. 

Shamanic journeying, Meditations, Breath work and Creative processes & More.

The transpersonal approach takes you on a journey beyond your conditioned thinking where you can access a higher state of consciousness. Here we can heal our emotions, mind, body and soul.

Kylie has facilitated art therapy groups with mental health inpatients and outpatients in private hospitals around Sydney. She has also facilitated art therapy groups with dementia patients and senior citizens in residential care. 

Beyond the Ego


Moving beyond the limits of your rational & linear thinking and into the symbolic language of your soul. This is an 8 week program diving into your subconscious to discover your true potential, rising up to fully express who you are, changing how you view the world. This is for those ready to step into the unknown.

Although we use creative processes to guide ourselves through our inner landscape in this program, there is no need to have any artistic skill.

Each week there will be meditations and creative processes to explore and unpack, gradually guiding you deeper into the unknown leaving your familiar world behind.

There will be 2 meditations and creative therapy techniques each week. These are 1hr processes. Plus journaling in-between. You will need 2 - 3hrs per week.
The more you put into this course, the more you will gain.

You will have 3 months to complete the program.

In this course you will:
- learn pranayama - breath work techniques
- listen to guided meditations
- use simple creative techniques to awaken your authenticity

No artistic ability needed.

To participate you will need:
- oil crayons (cheap set of 12 colours is perfect)
- pen and journal
- art book A3 size
- small amount of air drying clay
- packets of seeds
Aprox cost: $35
(further details in course notes)


COST: $297

or $38 for 8 weeks payment plan

A Visual Quest into the Soul

Painter in Studio

Kylie brings in her knowledge of the medicine wheel and shamanic work from her transpersonal studies to guide you through this visual quest.

Using shamanic journeying, you'll be taken on a visual quest for self discovery and symbolic expression.

Working around the medicine wheel, each direction will bring you your own medicine, your unique expression, in this intuitive painting program.

This is deep spiritual work through creative expression. Are you ready to dive down the rabbit hole?

Begins June 2022

COST: $149